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Why Xinjiang’s Economy Is Sputtering

<p>It has been almost one year since a terrorist bombing in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region, shocked the nation and brought economic woes and social conflicts in the largely Uighur-populated area into the spotlight again.</p>...

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The Urgency of Continuing with Reform

<p>Concern about the middle-income trap has grabbed public attention again. The minister of finance, Lou Jiwei, recently said at Tsinghua University that China had a “50-50 chance” of sliding into it in the next five to 10 years. However, many...

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A Byronic Hero for China’s Supremo

<p>A little known vignette about Xi Jinping’s fondness for Song Jiang, a fictional hero in the 14th century classic novel <em>The Water Margin</em>, gives a peek into the private thoughts of China’s most powerful man. For someone...

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Saudi Aramco’s Al-Falih on China Collaboration

<p>Saudi Arabian Oil Company President and CEO Khalid A. Al-Falih has seen global oil prices rise and fall through at least six market cycles during his more than 30 years with the world’s largest crude producer and exporter.</p><p...

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China’s Anti-Corruption Drive: Don’t Stop Now

<p>Beijing’s fight against corruption is now two years old. Some significant results have been achieved, winning strong public support. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to move the campaign forward.</p><p>The general public...

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Bulldozing the Cadre Who Revamped Kunming

<p>Warm, sunny Kunming brimmed with charm before Communist Party leader Qiu He brought an autocratic style of governance to town and spurred the urbanization campaign that preceded his downfall.</p><p>Today, this historic city in...

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Tycoon Said to Bring Down a Deputy Mayor, Control Key Beijing Land Deal

<p>A recent business dispute between a state-owned technology conglomerate and a private property developer has put a low-profile but powerful businessman in the spotlight. The businessman is believed to have brought down a former Beijing...

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Plan for Next Five Years Must Free Up Disposable Income

<p>The government's 12th Five-Year Plan concludes this year, and work on drafting the 13th will begin soon.</p><p>Which way will China turn? In its work report to legislators at the National People's Congress meeting in...

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Kissinger: China, U.S. Must ‘Lead in Cooperation’

<p>Henry Kissinger, the former U.S. Secretary of State and the architect of former president Richard Nixon's historic visit to China in 1972, has continued to influence the shaping of the two countries' relations and America's...

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Chinese Businesses Eye Purchasing Power of LGBT Community

<p>Chinese businesses are starting to show interest in the purchasing power of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) consumer market,&nbsp;often referred to as the&nbsp;<span style="font-family: 'Le Monde...

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China’s Factories Are Building a Robot Nation

<p>Every day, two quality-control supervisors monitor four robots tirelessly assembling remote-control devices for home appliances at a Midea Group factory in Foshan, in the southern province of Guangdong.</p><p>The robots recently...

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Can Market Mechanisms Clear China’s Air?

<p>The Chinese government recently responded to rising public discontent over environmental degradation by introducing tougher rules for industrial emissions.</p><p>Meanwhile, a non-governmental organization and a state-run...

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Apple Pay Stalled, Frustrated in China

<p>The central bank, UnionPay bank card service, and e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. are standing up to Apple Inc.'s effort to bring the Apple Pay no-card, no-cash payment system to iPhone users in China.</p><p>...

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Prosperity, International Cooperation, Civil Rights Key to Defeating Terror

<p>The global fight against terrorism has entered a new stage with the emergence of the Islamic State (IS), and the battle lines have never been so clearly drawn all over the world.</p><p>On February 18, Washington will host the...

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In China, Quantum Communications Comes of Age

<p>This may be a quantum leap year for an initiative that accelerates data transfers close to the speed of light with no hacking threats through so-called quantum communications technology.</p><p>Within months, China plans to open...