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Last Updated: July 7, 2016

China's Coming Economic Transformation

Andrew Batson
Wall Street Journal
China is grappling with an economic downturn, but there is more than the usual amount of disagreement about how fast it's slowing down. The battle is not between the usual bulls and bears. The most interesting split this time is between those...

An Art Star’s Creative Crisis

Kelly Crow
Wall Street Journal
For the past year, China's most expensive living artist hasn't been allowed to paint, doctor's orders. Zhang Xiaogang, age 54, a Beijing-based painter whose hypnotic portraits have topped $10 million at auction, recently suffered a...

Bo Xilai: Inside the Scandal - A WSJ Documentary (Video)

Josh Chin
Wall Street Journal
The fall of Bo Xilai, once a rising star in Chinese politics, has plunged the country into its biggest crisis since Tiananmen Square. In this documentary, The Wall Street Journal examines how his downfall has altered the debate about China's...

The Censor at Hong Kong's South China Morning Post

Hugo Restall
Wall Street Journal
Five months ago when Wang Xiangwei was named editor-in-chief of the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's leading English-language daily, local journalists shook their heads in dismay. Mr. Wang, a former China Daily reporter and current member...

Associate of Bo Xilai's Wife Arrested

Jeremy Page
Wall Street Journal
Police in Cambodia said they have arrested a French architect who was close to the wife of Bo Xilai, the ousted Chinese Communist Party leader, in the latest twist in a case that has triggered the worst political crisis in China in more than two...

Wal-Mart in China Faces New Food-Safety Complaints

Laurie Burkitt
Wall Street Journal
Beijing's Food Safety Administration said Thursday that it accused Wal-Mart of violating food-safety standards in March by selling sesame oil exceeding standard amounts of benzopyrene and squid containing hazardous levels of cadmium. The agency...

What the Chinese Want

Tom Doctoroff
Wall Street Journal
Apple has taken China by storm. A Starbucks can be found on practically every major street corner in coastal cities and beyond. From Nike to Buick to Siemens, Chinese consumers actively prefer Western brands over their domestic competitors. The rise...

How Gay-Friendly is Hong Kong? It Depends.

Isabella Steger
Wall Street Journal
Hong Kong’s LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community may have received a boost from local pop star Anthony Wong’s very public coming-out last month, and there may have been visible improvements in public attitude in recent years—the...

A Fair in Transition

Lara Day
Wall Street Journal
Two years ago, Art Basel directors Marc Spiegler and Annette Schönholzer came to this city on a mission: to start a new contemporary art fair in Asia. But after scoping out the competition, they decided to change tack. The Hong Kong International...

Blind Activist Departs for U.S.

Josh Chin
Wall Street Journal
Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng left China for the U.S. on Saturday, bringing to an end an episode that strained relations between Washington and Beijing and put Chinese human-rights issues under an intense spotlight. Mr. Chen, his wife and...

China Finds Shrinking Appetite for Loans

Bob Davis and Tom Orlik
Wall Street Journal
When growth in China's economy slows, government leaders typically call on state-owned banks to make loans to rev up activity. But that tactic may not work this time.