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Last Updated: July 7, 2016

China could be hiding an entire Japan’s worth of carbon emissions

Brad Plumer
Washington Post
Let’s go ahead and state the obvious: It will be impossible to hash out any sort of global agreement on climate change if we can’t even agree on how much carbon-dioxide different countries are actually putting into the air.Yet the data on...

Ex-Beijing Mayor Backs Away from Long-Standing Account of Tiananmen Crackdown

Andrew Higgins
Washington Post
Shortly after Chinese troops stormed into Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, the then-mayor of Beijing gave a lengthy report that, for 23 years, has formed the bedrock of the Communist Party’s justification for the use of lethal force against unarmed...

Stability Trumps All Other Concerns in China

Yu Jie
Washington Post
Contrary to myths and assumptions, economic liberalization and development will not inevitably lead to corresponding political liberalization and development. Economic power has only reinforced an increasingly absurd state power in China.

In Chongqing, Bo Xilai's Popularity Endures

Keith B. Richbrug
Washington Post
he legacy of Bo Xilai, the ousted regional Communist Party chief, endures in this southwestern Chinese megacity with its four-lane highways, expanding factories and hundreds of thousands of new apartment units. While Bo remains under house arrest in...

Details of Negotiations Over Chen Case

William Wan
Washington Post
For weeks, U.S. officials have kept secret many of the sensitive details about their negotiations over Chen’s fate. But with the 40-year-old lawyer safely aboard a plane Saturday, senior administration officials described extensively for the first...

Chinese Leaders Send Children to Study in U.S.

Andrew Higgins and Maureen Fan
Washington Post
When scholars gathered at Harvard last month to discuss the political tumult convulsing China’s ruling Communist Party, a demure female undergraduate with a direct stake in the outcome was listening intently from the top row of the lecture hall. She...

John Paton Davies' Posthumous Autobiography

Jonathan Yardley
Washington Post
In November 1954 John Paton Davies Jr., deputy chief of mission at the American Embassy in Lima, Peru, was fired by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. His dismissal had nothing to do with his service in Peru and everything to do with his...

Ai Weiwei, dissident Chinese artist, and fragments of a cultural past

Anne Midgette
Washington Post
There’s a map of China in the Sackler lobby. It won’t strike you as a map if you look at it. It’s a structure made of big, dark, wooden beams pinned together with smaller wooden posts, looping around a central area at improbable, disjointed angles,...

John Pomfret Reviews "Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom"

John Pomfret
Washington Post
[Platt] has written the next great history of the Taiping rebels. And his argument—which is fresh and important—is that this idea that China was unchangeable and not a significant factor in the world’s history in the 19th century is just plain wrong...

In China relatives of Party officials build lucrative businesses on family contacts

Andrew Higgins
Washington Post
When Chinese authorities launched an investigation in 2006 into potential foreign currency violations by Beijing Henderson Properties, the real estate developer called in some curious outside help. It turned to a Chinese investment company with no...

China’s Crackdown on Nonprofit Groups Prompts New Fears Among Activists

Keith B. Richburg
Washington Post
The Chinese government in the past several weeks has intensified a subtle but steady tightening over the country's freewheeling civil society sector, with some nonprofit groups saying they are feeling increasingly harassed, targeted by tax...