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The Specter of June Fourth

Perry Link

If yesterday was typical, about 1,400 children in Africa died of malaria. It is a preventable, treatable disease, and the young victims lost their lives through no faults of their own.



Is Jesus Really Hotter Than Mao on China’s Social Media?

Tea Leaf Nation

It’s easier to talk about Jesus than Chinese President and Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping on Weibo, China’s massive Twitter-like social media platform.



Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Isaac Stone Fish, EG365, David M. Barreda

The greatest unsolved mystery in China right now is not the disappearance of Malaysian airliner MH370 but



Beijing’s State Secrets Law—Still Broad, Still Opaque

Tea Leaf Nation, David Wertime

Beijing may be whittling back its widely reviled state secrets laws—but given their opacity, it’s hard to say for sure.



You’ve Got Mail: Chinese Communist Party Received Almost Two Million Complaints in 2013

Tea Leaf Nation, Liz Carter

In 2013, China’s Communist Party disciplinary organs received an eye-popping 1.95 million citizen complaints about officials.



Xi, Mao, and China’s Search for a Usable Past

Paul Gewirtz

Since its founding, the United States has had understandable pride in its great achievements, but also has had to reckon with its complex moral history—beginning but hardly ending with the fact that our original Constitution accepted the


Will Xi Jinping Bring a Positive New Day to China?

Paul Mooney, Andrew J. Nathan, Orville Schell, Edward Friedman, Robert Kapp, The Editors

Chinese President Xi Jinping, just over a year in office, recently made a rare appearance in public in a Beijing restaurant, buying a cheap lunch and paying for it hims



One Year Later, China’s New Leaders

J. Stapleton Roy, Susan Shirk, Evan Osnos, Orville Schell

Nearly a year to the day after seven new leaders ascended to their posts on the Standing Committee of China’s Politburo, the Asia Society held a public

Dreams of a Different China

Ian Johnson

Last November, China’s newly installed leader, Xi Jinping, asked his fellow Chinese to help realize a “Chinese dream” of national rejuvenation.



Westerners Aren’t the Only Ones Flummoxed by China’s Reform Plans

Tea Leaf Nation, David Wertime

After the Third Plenum, a high-level meeting to discuss China’s future, ended on November 12, Beijing released a major document likely to affect many of its 1.3 billion citizens’ lives for years.



Document 9: A ChinaFile Translation

The Editors

This weekend, China’s leaders gather in Beijing for meetings widely expected to determine the shape of China’s economy, as well as the nation’s progress, over the next decade.



China, One Year Later

J. Stapleton Roy, Susan Shirk, Evan Osnos, Orville Schell

In November 2012, seven men were appointed to the Politburo Standing Committee, China’s supreme governing body. At the time, economic headwinds, nationalist protests, and the Bo Xilai scandal presented huge challenges for the regime.



Deciphering Xi Jinping’s Dream

Ouyang Bin

On November 9, the Chinese Communist Party will host its Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee.



What the Heck is China’s ‘Third Plenum’ and Why Should You Care?

Barry Naughton

China’s economy is already two-thirds the size of the economy of the U.S., and it’s been growing five times as fast.



Can State-Run Capitalism Absorb the Shocks of ‘Creative Destruction’?

The Editors, Barry Naughton, Shai Oster, Steve Dickinson, Gordon G. Chang

The Editors: Following are ChinaFile Conversation participants’ reactions to “China: Superpower or Superbust?” in the No