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Q. and A.: Christina Lin on China’s Antiterrorism Efforts

Chinese leaders have long been wary of joining global efforts against terrorism.

Ever Wonder How China Got Back Into International Diplomacy After the Cultural Revolution?

Robert Farley
China’s successful entry into the international scene after the Cultural Revolution bears lessons for other pariah states.

China Cuts Mobile Service of Xinjiang Residents Evading Internet Filters

Paul Mozur
The Chinese government is shutting down the mobile service of residents in Xinjiang.

China Shuts Down Service For Some Phones With Foreign Messaging Apps

Colin Lecher
As mobile users try to evade censorship in China through software, the government appears to be trying a new technique to head off such attempts.

China's Own 'Double Standard' on Terrorism

David Volodzko
China continues to lump terrorist groups and peaceful activists together — and to censor media coverage of both.

Q. and A.: Jindong Cai on ‘Beethoven in China’

Ian Johnson
Jindong Cai, 59, is an orchestra conductor and a professor at Stanford University.

Yiyi Lu: Rebuilding the Communist Party

Yiyi Lu
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s effort to clean up politics in the country is generally known as an “anticorruption campaign.”

Will China Get Involved in the Fight Against ISIS?

Georgia McCafferty
Non-intervention has been a cornerstone of Chinese foreign policy for five decades.

China Acknowledges Killing 28, Accusing Them of Role in Mine Attack

The Chinese authorities had killed 28 people suspected of taking part in an attack on a coal mine in the country’s turbulent western frontier.

Dream of The Bed Chamber

It is not just China’s economy that has loosened up since 1979. The country is in the midst of a sexual revolution.

China Insists to U.N. That It’s Combating Torture

Senior Chinese officials dismissed allegations of the widespread use of torture.

China’s College Counselors Told to Join the Party — the Communist Party

Hannah Beech
China’s Education Ministry has deemed universities an “ideological frontline”.

Islamic State Claim of Hostage Killing Complicates China’s Terror Debate

Emily Rauhala
China vowed "justice" for a Chinese national kidnapped and apparently slain by the Islamic State...

Chinese security forces kill 17 in Xinjiang: Radio Free Asia

Ben Blanchard
China has appealed for the international community to provide more help in its campaign against Xinjiang militants following the attacks in Paris.

Thailand Deports 2 Dissidents to China, Rights Groups Say

The groups denounced the act, by the Thai authorities, as a betrayal of the two men’s right to flee feared political persecution and torture.