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Chinese Dream

Dreams of a Different China

Ian Johnson

Last November, China’s newly installed leader, Xi Jinping, asked his fellow Chinese to help realize a “Chinese dream” of national rejuvenation.



Deciphering Xi Jinping’s Dream

Ouyang Bin

On November 9, the Chinese Communist Party will host its Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee.

Old Dreams for a New China

Ian Johnson

Ever since China’s new leader, Xi Jinping, first uttered the phrase “China Dream” last year, people in China and abroad have been scrambling to decipher its meaning.



A Rite of Passage to Nowhere

Ying Zhu, Frances Hisgen

Tiny Times, a Chinese feature film set in contemporary Shanghai, made headline news on its opening day in late June by knocking the Hollywood blockbuster Man of Steel from its perch atop the domestic box-office and brea



In Box Office Hit, American Dream Is Still Alive—In a Maturing China

Tea Leaf Nation

Over the last two weeks, the movie American Dreams in China (中国合伙人) has been the number one box office hit in China, selling over 400 million tickets to date.



Food Safety Scandals Bring Reality-Check to “Chinese Dream”


In the wake of China’s recent food scandal, Chinese premier Li Keqiang has vowed to enforce the toughest food safety regulations.