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China’s Fake Urbanization

Sohu Business, David M. Barreda

What is Urbanization?Urbanization is the transformation of rural populations into urban populations—the process by which a nation’s population becomes concentrated in cities and towns.



The ‘Nongmin’ Breakdown

Sohu Business, EG365, David M. Barreda

Who are China’s rural migrant workers?A uniquely Chinese social identity, the category of “rural migrant worker” is a product of China’s urban/rural dichotomy.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Tim Franco

It’s a feature of the landscape one sees throughout China.



Urban China

This report recommends that China curb rapid urban sprawl by reforming land requisition, give migrants urban residency and equal access to basic public services, and reform local finances by finding stable revenues and by allowing local



For Freedom, Justice, and Love

The Editors

Following is legal activist Xu Zhiyong’s closing statement at the end of his trial in Beijing on January 22, 2014.

Sinica Podcast


China’s Urban Billion

Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn

Lurking silently behind practically every story on Chinese economic growth over the last thirty years has been the country’s unprecedented shift from being an overwhelmingly rural society to what is now a largely urban one, with almost 7

China’s Dirty Clean-Up

Sophia Woodman

Every year, millions of China’s poorest and most vulnerable people are arrested on the streets of the nation’s cities merely because the way they look or speak identifies them clearly as “outsiders,” not native to the city in question, o