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Sinica Podcast


The World War One Chinese Labor Corps

Kaiser Kuo, David Moser

This week on Sinica, Kaiser Kuo and David Moser are delighted to host Mark O’Neill, author of The Chinese Labour Corps, for



China, We Fear You

Tea Leaf Nation

On March 18, thousands of students began a sit-in of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan in the capital, Taipei, a hi

Sinica Podcast


Will China Dominate the Twenty-first Century?

Kaiser Kuo

This week on Sinica, we are pleased to present a live show recorded earlier this week at The Bookworm in Beijing, where Kaiser Kuo interviewed Jonathan Fenby, author of the book



Can America Win in a New Era of Competition with China?

Geoff Dyer

Beijing was in a state of heightened anxiety and had been for weeks. Each day in the run-up to the National Day parade, the security measures seemed to get a little bit tighter.

The Brave Catholics of China

Ian Johnson

Like most pilgrimage sites in China, the shrine in the village of Cave Gulley in Shanxi province is located partway up a mountain, reachable by steep stairs that are meant to shift worshipers’ attention from the world below to heaven abo



Why Frank Underwood is Great for China’s Soft Power

Ying Zhu

In depicting U.S. politics as just as vicious, if not more, sociopathic than its Chinese counterpart, House of Cards delivered a sweet Valentine’s Day gift to the Chinese government.

Sinica Podcast


Talking About Taiwan

Kaiser Kuo, David Moser

This week on Sinica, Kaiser Kuo is joined by David Moser and Paul Mozur for an in-depth discussion about everyone’s favorite renegade province.



2013, According to the Chinese Communist Party

Tea Leaf Nation, David Wertime

What did the year in foreign policy look like in Chinese official circles?



Global Development and Investment

Elizabeth Economy, Zha Daojiong

Framing questions: In what ways do the U.S. and Chinese approaches to development and foreign investment differ? Are they evolving, and how?

Sinica Podcast


Partners and Rivals

Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn

Few will dispute that the Sino-American relationship constitutes the most important bilateral relationship of our time, shedding a sort of lunar influence on international politics which helps shape not only the dynamic of global tension



China, One Year Later

J. Stapleton Roy, Susan Shirk, Evan Osnos, Orville Schell

In November 2012, seven men were appointed to the Politburo Standing Committee, China’s supreme governing body. At the time, economic headwinds, nationalist protests, and the Bo Xilai scandal presented huge challenges for the regime.



Chinese State Media: U.S. Bullying ‘Obsolete’

Tea Leaf Nation, David Wertime

Stop being a bully, and start respecting the rule of the global village.



CCTV’s International Expansion: China’s Grand Strategy for Media?

The Editors

China Central Television has come a long ways since its founding as a domestic party propaganda outlet in 1958.