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What Should the U.S. Do about China’s Barring Foreign Reporters?

Last week, the White House said it was “very disappointed” in China for denying a visa to another journalist working for The New York Times in Beijing, forcing him to leave the country after eight years. What else should the U.S. government do? How should Americans respond? Can civil society play a role in defending U.S. journalists overseas? Does historical precendent shed any light on these questions? We asked ChinaFile Contributors to respond.

A ChinaFile Conversation

Conversation Nicholas Lemann, Michel Hockx, Winston Lord, Matt Schiavenza, James Fallows, David Schlesinger, Paul Mooney, Orville Schell, Arthur Waldron
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Why China Needs to Rethink the Way It Treats the Foreign Press

A new report on elite wealth by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists suggests Beijing may need to change its whack-a-mole strategy of removing offending reporters one by one.

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Evan Osnos Evan Osnos
New Yorker

Is Beijing About to Pull the Plug on Two Major American News Operations in China?

In an unprecedented move, the Chinese government has declined to process visa applications for the entire Beijing bureaus of The New York Times and Bloomberg News, in apparent retaliation for investigative reporting those two media organizations have done on the considerable financial assets of certain top Chinese leaders’ families, including current President Xi Jinping and former Premier Wen Jiabao.

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Mary Kay Magistad Mary Kay Magistad


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