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‘A Power Capable of Making Us Weep’

Hu Yong
<p>This September, the editors of the online edition of the <em>21st Century Business Herald</em>—a leading Chinese business newspaper based in Guangzhou and owned by Southern Media Group (<em>Nanfang Baoye Jituan</em...



The Future of Democracy in Hong Kong

The Editors
<p>Veteran Hong Kong political leaders Anson Chan and Martin Lee describe some of the core values—such as freedom of the press—that they seek to maintain as Beijing asserts greater control over the territory seventeen years after Britain...

Caixin Media


China’s Chilling Effect for Investor Research

<p>Shanghai investor Wang Weihua’s final microblog post October 12 was brief and ominous: “The police are coming.”</p><p>Three days later, Wang’s family said he’d been taken into custody by police officers who traveled more than 3,...

Caixin Media


How Police Got It So Wrong Arresting a Journalist

<p>The <a href="" target="_blank">arrest of a journalist</a> for allegedly damaging the...



CCTV’s International Expansion: China’s Grand Strategy for Media?

Anne Nelson
The Editors
Center for International Media Assistance
<p>China Central Television has come a long ways since its founding as a domestic party propaganda outlet in 1958. The domestic service has been supplemented by an international service, boasting three major global offices in Beijing,...



The Long Shadow of Chinese Censorship

Sarah Cook
The Editors
Center for International Media Assistance
<p>This report provides a survey of the phenomenon of censorship and its recent evolution as it pertains to the news media sector, though similar dynamics also affect the film, literature, and performing arts industries. Specifically, this...

Censoring the News Before It Happens

Perry Link
<p>Every day in China, hundreds of messages are sent from government offices to website editors around the country that say things like, “Report on the new provincial budget tomorrow, but do not feature it on the front page, make no...



Challenged in China

David Schlesinger, Sophie Beach, Madeline Earp, and Danny O'Brien
Sara Segal-Williams
Committee to Protect Journalists
<p>As Xi Jinping takes office as president of China, the citizenry he governs is more sophisticated and interconnected than any before, largely because of the Internet. A complex digital censorship system—combined with a more traditional...



China’s Cyberattacks — At What Cost?

James Fallows, Donald Clarke & more
<p><em>James Fallows: </em>Here are some initial reactions on the latest <a href="" target="_blank"...



Winds From the East: How the People’s Republic of China Seeks to Influence the Media in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia

Douglas Farah and Andy Mosher
The Editors
Center for International Media Assistance
<p>The People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.) is using various components of public diplomacy to influence the media in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. China’s primary purposes appear to be to present China as a reliable friend and...



China Clings to Control: Press Freedom in 2009

Serenade Woo
International Federation of Journalists
It has been a tough year for press freedom in China, as the fading international spotlight on the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing emboldened central and provincial authorities to revert to clamping down on journalists and media that seek to present a...