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South China Sea



Debating China

Laura Chang

America and China are the two most powerful players in global affairs, and no relationship is more consequential. How they choose to cooperate and compete affects billions of lives.



Chinese Admiral to U.S. Navy: ‘We Will Block You’

Tea Leaf Nation, Liz Carter

On December 5, the U.S. missile-carrying cruiser Cowpens almost collided with a Chinese ship in international waters.

Sinica Podcast


China’s Troubled Waters

Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn, Gady Epstein, Bill Bishop, Stephanie T. Kleine-Ahlbrandt

Are Chinese-American maritime relations running aground? The recent sinking of the South Korean corvette the Cheonan, most likely by China’s unruly client state North Korea, has led to the U.S.S.