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U.S.-China Relations

U.S. Allies See Trans-Pacific Partnership as a Check on China

Jane Perlez
The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal was welcomed as a win for the United States in its contest with China for clout in Asia.

China’s 3,000-Acre Aircraft Carriers Could Change the Balance of Power in the Pacific

That’s why the United States needs to act now.

China Navy Calls for United States to Reduce Risk of Misunderstandings

China hopes the United States can scale back activities that run the risk of misunderstandings, and respect China's core interests...

Jack Ma to US: Quit Worrying So Much About China

Everett Rosenfeld
"You American people worry too much about the China economy," Ma said at the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting...

U.S. Pulls Spies from China After Hack

Evan Perez
The U.S. suspects that Chinese hackers were behind the breach at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which exposed the fingerprints of 5.6 million government employees.

The Thucydides Trap: Are the U.S. and China Headed for War?

In 12 of 16 past cases in which a rising power has confronted a ruling power, the result has been bloodshed.


Date Title Topics/Keywords
09.22.15 Xi Jinping’s Message to America
Taisu Zhang, Graham Webster, Orville Schell, David Shambaugh, Andrew J. Nathan, Kevin Rudd, Winston Lord, Bonnie S. Glaser, Yaqiu Wang, Vincent Zhu, Yanmei Xie
China’s President Xi Jinping addressed an audience of more than 700 American businesspeople in Seattle on Tuesday evening on the first stop on his first state visit to the United States. Regular ChinaFile Contributors who watched the speech offer their...
Economy, Environment, History, Media, Politics, Technology
09.22.15 Can the U.S. & China Make Peace in Cyberspace?
Charlie Smith, Rogier Creemers, Li Shengjiao
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in the United States today on his first state visit. Xi will address a group of American business leadersin Seattle. High on their list of concerns about trade with China is cyber hacking, cyber espionage and...
History, Law, Media, Military, Politics, Science, Technology
09.21.15 New Chinese Book Says the U.S.-China ‘Feast on Power’ is Winding Down
Yanmei Xie
At a time of heightened tensions between the U.S. and China, it comes as little surprise that a new and important book on the bilateral relations, published by a think tank affiliated with the Chinese Foreign Ministry, should have the foreboding title...
Military, Politics
09.16.15 What Would New Breakthroughs on Climate Change Mean for the U.S.-China Relationship?
Junjie Zhang, Joanna Lewis, Li Shuo, Angel Hsu, Barbara A. Finamore, Fei Teng, Jim Williams, Fredrich Kahrl
With just over a week to go before Chinese President Xi Jinping begins his first State Visit to the United States, there is much evidence to suggest that bilateral action to fight climate change is an area most ripe for meaningful Sino-U.S. cooperation....
Business, Economy, Energy, Environment, Law, Politics, Technology
09.4.15 Flying Tiger: Why I Turned Down an Invitation to China’s Victory Parade
Jack Edelman
I was invited to attend the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the World Anti-fascist War and the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese war this September, as a guest of a government that wanted me to represent friendship with the U.S. and...
History, Military, Politics
09.3.15 The U.S. Was the True Mainstay in the Fight Against Japan in World War II
Han Lianchao
“When the Chinese people and the Chinese nation were in peril, the United States came to the rescue and asked for nothing in return. The U.S. never occupied a single inch of Chinese territory, never reaped any particular reward.”IAt 9:00 a.m. on...
History, Military, Politics
08.31.15 A ‘China Watcher’s China Watcher’ Decamps
Kaiser Kuo, David Moser, Bill Bishop
As anyone who reads the Sinocism newsletter knows, Bill Bishop is among the most plugged-in people in Beijing with an uncanny ability to figure out what is actually happening in the halls of power. But as casual readers may not be aware, he is also an...
Media, Politics, Society
08.27.15 Chinese Media Jumps on Tragic Virginia Shooting
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian
On the morning of August 26, a reporter and a cameraman for a local Virginia television station were fatally shot during a live television interview. The alleged gunman, now dead, apparently shot himself before being apprehended by police.The shooting...
Media, Society
08.18.15 How Should the U.S. Conduct the Xi Jinping State Visit?
Evan A. Feigenbaum, Arthur Waldron, Orville Schell, Robert Kapp, Peter Dutton, Perry Link, Sophie Richardson
As tensions increase between China and the United States over the value of the yuan, human rights violations, alleged cyber attacks, and disputed maritime territories, among other issues, how should the Obama administration conduct the upcoming state...
Economy, History, Military, Politics, Society
08.10.15 A Response to ‘China’s Foreign Policy Isn’t Transparent? You’ve Got to Be Kidding’
Susan Shirk
Following is a response by Susan Shirk to “China’s Foreign Policy Isn’t Transparent? You’ve Got to Be Kidding,” an essay written by Chu Yin in response to Shirk’s earlier piece, “What China’s Lack of Transparency Means for U.S. Policy.” —The EditorsI’m...
08.4.15 U.S. Not Concerned About Chinese Competition in Africa ... But It Probably Should Be
Eric Olander, Cobus van Staden
The difference between U.S. and Chinese foreign policies in Africa was on stark display in July when president Barack Obama made his landmark visits to Kenya and Ethiopia. The president brought along with him a vast agenda that transcended trade,...
Economy, Politics
08.1.15 China’s Foreign Policy Isn’t Transparent? You’ve Got to Be Kidding
Chu Yin
In her recent article, “What China’s Lack of Transparency Means for U.S. Policy,” U.S.-China relations expert Susan Shirk caused a stir when she argued that China’s “lack of transparency” around public policy making, defense, national security, and...
Media, Military, Politics
07.20.15 How China and the U.S. Will Manage Competition for Influence
Ian Bremmer
This article was written in response to Wang Jisi’s “The ‘Two Orders’ and the Future of China-U.S. Relations.”Wang Jisi is surely right that “the main factor determining the future of Sino-American relations will be internal political and economic...
Economy, Military, Politics
07.9.15 The ‘Two Orders’ and the Future of China-U.S. Relations
Wang Jisi
The China-U.S. relationship may be the most complex relationship that has ever existed between two major powers. Ties between China and the United States are deepening, and at every level the interaction between the two countries is marked by both...
History, Military, Politics
07.7.15 Meeting China Halfway
Though a U.S.–China conflict is far from inevitable, major tensions are building in the Asia-Pacific region. These strains are the result of historical enmity, cultural divergence, and deep ideological estrangement, not to mention apprehensions fueled by...
Economy, Environment, Military, Politics
07.7.15 U.S. Should Make More Public Statements About China’s Human Rights
Sophie Richardson
When China’s leader Xi Jinping comes to the United States for his first state visit in September, will U.S. leaders use the summit to address the country’s deteriorating human rights conditions?Not if the U.S. performance at June’s Strategic and Economic...
06.25.15 A Partnership with China to Avoid World War
George Soros
International cooperation is in decline both in the political and financial spheres. The U.N. has failed to address any of the major conflicts since the end of the cold war; the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference left a sour aftertaste; the World...
Economy, Politics
06.23.15 The Brother Orange Saga
Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn, David Moser, Cecilia Miao, Matt Sheehan
The story started when a Buzzfeed editor lost his iPhone in an East Village bar in February of last year and blossomed into the Sino-American romance of the century, and probably the most up-lifting and altogether unlikely China story that we can...
Media, Rural Life, Urban Life
06.6.15 Should the U.S. Change its China Policy and How?
Hugh White , Mary Kay Magistad, Zha Daojiong, Vanessa Hope, Chen Weihua, Graham Webster
The past several months have seen a growing chorus of calls for the U.S. to take stock of its policy toward China. Some prominent voices have called for greater efforts by the U.S. and China to forge “a substantive sense of common purpose,” while others...
Business, Environment, History, Politics
06.2.15 Top Chinese Authors Show Up at Book Expo, but Where Are the Readers?
Zhang Xiaoran
Last week, 20,000 publishers convened in New York’s Javits Center for BookExpo America (BEA), the publishing industry’s annual trade show. Among their ranks was a delegation from China 500 strong, attending the convention in the capacity of “guest of...
Arts, Media