Alvin Lin is the Climate and Energy Policy Director for the China Program at the National Resource Defense Council, where he focuses on analyzing China’s climate and clean energy policies and advocating for their continual improvement. His areas of expertise include the environmental impacts of coal and shale gas development, energy efficiency technologies, nuclear power safety regulations, and air pollution law and policy. Prior to joining NRDC, Lin worked as a litigator and a judicial clerk in New York City. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University, a Master’s from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a JD from New York University. He is based in Beijing.

Last Updated: November 18, 2016



Will China Take the Lead on Climate Change?

Sam Geall, Barbara A. Finamore & more
At a time when the world is looking to China and the United States, the leading emitters of greenhouse gasses, to cooperate under the terms of the Paris Climate Change Agreement of 2015, will China now take the lead in fighting climate change?