Amanda Hsiao is Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for China. She focuses on conflicts in which China plays an important role, and developments in China’s foreign policy that relate to conflict prevention and resolution. Prior to Crisis Group, Hsiao established and managed the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue’s China program in Beijing, overseeing projects related to the South China Sea, U.S.-China relations, and China’s evolving approach to conflict mediation. Before her time in Asia, Amanda was a researcher in South Sudan, where she worked for a variety of organizations.

Last Updated: August 25, 2021



What Does the U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan Mean for China?

Laurel Miller, Amanda Hsiao & more
As China seeks to balance security concerns and financial considerations, a nation that has long espoused the principle of noninterference may find its foreign policy tested in coming months. What will be the challenges and opportunities for China...