Anna Hayes is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations in the College of Arts, Society and Education at James Cook University, Australia. She is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the East Asia Security Centre, a collaborative enterprise between Bond University, China Foreign Affairs University, and the University of New Haven. Hayes specializes in non-traditional threats to security, with a particular focus on the People’s Republic of China. Her research examines the ongoing human insecurity of the Uighurs in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, including Xinjiang’s position within China’s Eurasian pivot as part of its Belt and Road Initiative. In 2016, Hayes co-edited: Inside Xinjiang: Space, Place and Power in China’s Muslim Far Northwest (Routledge, 2016) with Associate Professor Michael Clarke from the Australian National University.

Last Updated: October 30, 2019



How Should Universities Respond to China’s Growing Presence on Their Campuses?

Charles Edel, Vicky Xiuzhong Xu & more
How should universities encourage respectful dialogue on contentious issues involving China, while at the same time fostering an environment free of intimidation, harassment, and violence? And how should university administrators and governments...