Ashok Gurung is the senior director of the India China Institute (ICI) at The New School. He is responsible for the overall development, management, and coordination of ICI programs and projects in India, China, and the United States. Ashok has over fifteen years of international development experience as an educator, researcher, manager, grant-maker, policy analyst, activist, and training facilitator with civil society groups, academic institutions, foundations and multi-lateral organizations, and governments in over 40 countries worldwide. Recently, he was the program officer for the International Fellowships Program, the largest global leadership initiative ($280 million) of the Ford Foundation. He holds a MA in International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, a BA in International Service and Development from World College West in Petaluma, California, and a Certificate in Norwegian Culture and Society from the University of Oslo in Oslo, Norway.

Last Updated: April 7, 2021



Is China Building Up Soft Power by Aiding Nepal?

Ashok Gurung, Zha Daojiong & more
A devastating earthquake has struck one of China’s smallest neighbors, the mountainous former kingdom known, since 2008, as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Surrounded on three sides by India—known in Nepali as a “friendly nation”—Nepal...