Carla Freeman directs the Foreign Policy Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), where she is also an Associate Research Professor in the China program. Her broad research agenda is aimed at better understanding the linkages between Chinese international and domestic policy. Before coming to SAIS, she served as the program officer for civil society and community development with an emphasis on sustainability at The Johnson Foundation. She has also worked as a political risk consultant with an Asia-wide portfolio, taught in a number of universities and colleges, and was a Peace Scholar with the United States Institute of Peace. More recently, she has been a visiting fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a visiting scholar at Harvard’s Fairbank Center. She completed her B.A. in Southeast Asia and History at Yale University with honors, a certificate in Chinese language studies in Beijing Foreign Languages University, and a certificate in political science from Sciences Po in Paris. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Last Updated: September 2, 2016



Where Is China’s Foreign Policy Headed?

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In testimony last week before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats asserted that “China’s actions reflect a long-term strategy to achieve global superiority.” With China’s global influence and...



What's the Best Way for Trump to Persuade China to Up the Pressure on North Korea?

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Over the past year, Donald Trump has vowed to “utterly destroy” ISIS, considered lifting sanctions on Russia, promised to cancel the Paris climate agreement and “dismantle” the Iran nuclear deal. But many of his most inflammatory statements are...



What Can We Expect from China at the G20?

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What New Approach Should the U.S. and China Take to North Korea?

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On Sunday, North Korea launched a long range rocket many see as a test of its capability to launch a missile attack against the U.S., defying both American and Chinese pressure not do so. Republican U.S. presidential candidates argued Washington...