Carlos F. Chamorro is a Nicaraguan journalist and the former Director of the Sandinista newspaper Barricada during the Nicaraguan revolution, from 1979-1990. He is the Director of and of the television program Esta Semana. In 2010, he was awarded the Maria Moors Cabot Prize by Columbia University

Last Updated: June 14, 2017



A Catastrophe for Nicaragua’s Great Lake

Carlos F. Chamorro from Confidencial
Eighty years old, with more than a dozen books on national geography and natural resources to his name, he is the most authoritative voice in the country on environmental issues. Jaime Incer Barquero, former Minister of the Environment and Natural...



China’s Nicaraguan Canal

Carlos F. Chamorro
While Nicaragua was once a central concern—indeed, almost an obsession—of Washington, as Sandinistas and Contras seemed to be battling for the soul of the Western Hemisphere, in more recent times our small and quite impoverished country has slipped...