Chang Ping is a former Chief Commentator and News Director of Southern Weekend. In April 2008, he was removed from his positions for the article “Tibet: Truth and Nationalist Sentiments,” published in the Financial Times Chinese edition. In August, 2010, ordered by the Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Department, the Southern Media Group banned his writings from the Southern Metropolis Daily and Southern Weekend. Soon thereafter, the ban spread nationwide. Websites were ordered to take down everything written by Chang. In January 2011, he was asked to leave the Southern Media Group. He then worked in Hong Kong as the Editor-in-Chief of iSun Affairs until the authorities, under pressure from the Chinese government, denied him a work visa. He now lives in Germany and is a current affairs commentator for the South China Morning Post.

Last Updated: August 8, 2017



Liu Xiaobo, 1955-2017

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Dark Days for Women in China?

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Why Has This Environmental Documentary Gone Viral on China’s Internet?

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