Chen Ming is a reporter for Southern Weekend. He graduated from Beijing University’s School of Journalism and Communication in 2007. In July 2009, he published an investigation uncovering the relationship between the abnormally high incidence of thyroid disease in China’s coastal provinces and the iodized salt policy, forcing experts at China’s Ministry of Health to concede that the ratio of iodine in salt mandated by regulation is too high in the country. One month later, the Ministry of Health announced adjustments to its standards for the mandated amount of iodine in salt.

Chen’s current reporting for Southern Weekend focuses on the human impacts of public policy.

Last Updated: April 3, 2014



Fragments of Cai Yang’s Life

Chen Ming
The man suspected of smashing the skull of fifty-one-year-old Li Jianli, the owner of a Japanese automobile, has been arrested by police in Xi’an; he is twenty-one-year-old plasterer Cai Yang.Cai Yang came to Xi’an from his hometown of Nanyang [...