Clifford Coonan is a Beijing-based writer focusing on Asia, and he has been a correspondent for nearly 14 years in China, enjoying a front-row seat on the world's biggest story of change. The Dubliner is Beijing correspondent for The Irish Times and was previously Asia Editor for The Hollywood Reporter and before that, a correspondent for Variety. He last year curated the Film Ireland festival in Hong Kong and retains a role as consultant on the film and media industry in the region.

Last Updated: February 23, 2017



Can China Expand its Beachhead in Hollywood?

Stanley Rosen, Ying Zhu & more
With The Great Wall, a classic army vs. monsters tale, director Zhang Yimou has brought America the most expensive Chinese film ever created. The movie may be backed by a Hollywood studio and it may star no less an American icon than Matt Damon, and...