Cornelia Tremann

Cornelia Tremann is currently the Head of Research at the Beijing-based policy advisory firm IDResearch. Previously, she worked as a policy analyst on the United Nations Development Program's (UNDP) South-South policy team in Beijing. She also managed the China-UNDP trilateral cooperation projects and conducted policy research and analysis. She recently received her Ph.D. from the Department of Politics and International Studies at SOAS, University of London, for which the wrote a thesis titled, “China and Madagascar: Engagement, Perceptions, and Developmental Effects.” Tremann also recently published her first academic article in the African Review of Economics and Finance on Chinese migrants in Madagascar.

Last Updated: March 25, 2015

Who Knew? Madagascar Has Africa’s Third Largest Chinese Population

Eric Olander, Cobus van Staden & more
The Chinese population on the east African island of Madagascar defies many of the poorly-informed, albeit widely-held, stereotypes about Chinese migrants on the rest of the continent. First, the community in Madagascar isn't small or isolated...