Daniel Whelan, director of the documentary film Bulkland, grew up in a small town in Australia. Since 2009, he has made two acclaimed short dramas, commercials, and a host of other content. Whelan moved to China in 2010 and started to focus on documentary production. His work has been shown on ABC, PBS, and the BBC. His short films have played at festivals in Australia, China, and the U.S., where he also has worked as an assistant director for various companies and networks.

Last Updated: September 12, 2016

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Yiwu, a City at the Core of Cheap Chinese Goods

Kaiser Kuo, David Moser & more from Sinica Podcast
Renowned as a trading town during the Qing dynasty, the eastern city of Yiwu again became famous for its markets after China’s economic reforms kicked in during the 1980s. Since then, the metropolis of 1.2 million people has transformed into a hub...