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David R. Hoffman is Vice President and Managing Director of The Conference Board China Center. Based in Beijing, Hoffman is responsible for the center’s strategy, research agenda, research program delivery, partner relationships with Chinese government organizations, and value delivery to members of both the China Center and The Conference Board. He leads numerous research projects and outreach activities, oversees a team of researchers in both China and New York, and coordinates the network of eminent advisors and scholars from The Conference Board who undertake China Center programs. Hoffman is also an independent, non-executive Director of Eastern Broadcasting Corporation in Taiwan.

Last Updated: April 6, 2021



Are China’s Economic Reforms Coming Fast Enough?

Daniel H. Rosen, David Hoffman & more
Economic data show a slowdown in China. At least two opposing views of what’s next for the world’s largest economy have just been published: one skeptical, from David Hoffman at The Conference Board, and one cautiously optimistic, from Dan Rosen and...



The Long Soft Fall in Chinese Growth

David Hoffman and Andrew Polk
David Hoffman
The Conference Board
As recently as the fourth quarter of 2013, there were few detractors from an optimistic assessment of China’s prospects to achieve a “soft landing” and continue to enjoy relatively stable growth in the 7 to 8 percent range for the next 10 years and...