Edith Terry is a writer, editor, and analyst of East Asian affairs based in Hong Kong. She directs Cotton Tree Advisors, a consultancy on East Asian business and public affairs. Terry’s career has spanned policy research, strategic consulting, international journalism, and writing on political economy, arts, and culture. She has taught and lectured on East Asian business and international relations in universities, think tanks, business organizations, and individual businesses. In 1980, she was among the first American businesspeople to be based in Beijing, and she has engaged not only with China but also with Japan and Southeast Asia for over 40 years. She is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese and proficient in Cantonese.

Last Updated: March 8, 2021



Will I Return to China?

Scott Kennedy, Tracy Wen Liu & more
ChinaFile sent a short questionnaire to several hundred ChinaFile contributors to get a sense of their feelings about traveling to China once COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease. Media reports at the time had suggested, anecdotally, that foreigners...



Hong Kong’s Economic Future

Ho-fung Hung, Flora Huang & more
If conventional wisdom held that China would never risk Hong Kong’s market, that was predicated on a specter of a foreign financial exodus. When the national security law was promulgated, experts warned of an international withdrawal and an end to...