Ge Yulu

Ge Yulu was born in 1990 in Wuhan, Hubei. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Media Art from Hubei Institute of Fine Art in 2013, and Master’s degree in Experimental Art from China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2017. He now works and lives in Beijing and Wuhan. Most of his artworks are about individuals’ resistance in public space. He intends to motivate discussion on related topics by practicing extreme performance, and to evoke the public’s participation by creating interference.

Ge’s works have been exhibited in Luo Zhongli Art Gallery, Yudian Gallery, and CAFA Art Museum.

Last Updated: July 27, 2017



Where The Streets Had My Name

Ge Yulu
If you’re not dead yet and you were never very famous, can you still get a street named after you in Beijing? You can if you’re 27-year-old artist Ge Yulu. Open Google Maps, enter his name, and there you will find a 1,476-foot-long street that...