Gilles Sabrié (b. 1964, France) is an independent photographer based in Beijing. After years working in television, he switched careers to embrace documentary photography. Since then, he has focused on documenting social changes in China. Besides documenting major events such as the Beijing Olympics, and the Sichuan earthquake, Gilles has produced several stories such as 175 Meters (about the Three Gorges Dam) and the traveling opera. He has contributed to National Geographic’s “Inside China”, “9 Days in the Kingdom” celebrating Thailand, and is the author of the web documentary Zhang, une jeunesse Chinoise for the French broadcaster France 5. His work has been published in The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Le MondeFocus and L’Espresso. He is a regular contributor to the French daily Libération.

Last Updated: December 23, 2015

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On the Kang: A Chinese Family Album

Gilles Sabrié
In rural northern China, the kang is the heart of the home. The two meter wide brick platforms, heated beneath by a coal, wood, straw, or corn cob fire, are hearth, family bed, and living room all rolled into one. Especially during the winter when...



Small Part, Big Screen

Gilles Sabrié
Every morning outside the imposing gate of the Beijing Film Studio, a throng gathers to try to find a way inside. These aren’t fans, exactly. Look at their faces, the practiced way they crane their necks or square their shoulders when the man with...