Harold L. Kahn is a Professor of History, Emeritus at Stanford University. He taught at Stanford for over 40 years. Previously, he was a Lecturer in history at the School of Oriental and African Studied, University of London.

Kahn was born 1930 in Poughkeepsie, New York. He earned a B.A. from Williams College and an A.M. and Ph.D. from Harvard. In addition to teaching, Kahn spent two years in Stockholm, drove a taxi in New York City, and among admired authors artists he lists the Beatles, the Stones, Nureyev, and Fontaine.

Last Updated: January 13, 2015

Sitting on Top of the World

Harold L. Kahn from New York Review of Books
Remoteness is often a condition of status and an attitude cultivated by parties to inequality. Chinese peasants, for more than twenty centuries subjects not citizens of the realm, were being literal when they said, “Heaven is high and the emperor...