James Wan

James Wan is the London-based Editor of the Royal African Society’s African Arguments website. Previously, he was a Senior Editor at Think Africa Press where he reported extensively on China-Africa issues. Wan is a former fellow of the Wits University China-Africa Reporting Project and, in 2014, was awarded a grant to conduct an investigation in Uganda. He describes himself as having “Chinese blood, Mauritian heritage, and British sensibilities.” A complete profile of Wan is available on his portfolio website.

Last Updated: August 17, 2015

China’s Special Economic Zones in Africa: Lots of Hype, Little Hope

Eric Olander, Cobus van Staden & more
A decade ago, China announced it would develop of a series of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Africa to boost trade and industrialization. Given the phenomenal success of China’s SEZs that helped to spark the PRC’s three decades of history-making...