John Donaldson is Associate Professor of Political Science at the School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University (SMU).

Over the last decade, he has authored and co-authored numerous journal and conference papers as well as other academic publications on issues such as poverty reduction and economic growth in China, the transformation of China’s agrarian system, and central-provincial relations in China. Donaldson is the author of Small Works: Poverty and Economic Development in Southwestern China (Cornell University Press, 2011). His research has also been published in such journals as World Development, International Studies Quarterly, Politics and Society, China Journal, China Quarterly, and Journal of Contemporary China.

Donaldson also serves as a Senior Research Fellow with the Lien Centre for Social Innovation, working with the SMU Change Lab to research and design innovative solutions to unmet needs in vulnerable communities in Singapore.

Donaldson has a Ph.D. in Political Science as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature and Psychology.

Last Updated: October 30, 2016



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