John Lee has worked at the Mercator Institute for China Studies, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, and in the Australian government. He holds a Master of Laws specializing in international law from the Australian National University, and a combined Law-Arts degree from the University of Melbourne. Lee’s research interests include historical sociology, international relations theory, and military history. All views expressed are his own, and do not necessarily reflect the position of organizations to which he is affiliated.

Last Updated: August 31, 2016



Could China Now Defeat the United States in a Battle Over the South China Sea or Taiwan?

Joel Wuthnow, Phillip C. Saunders & more
Chinese Communist Party Secretary Xi Jinping kicked off the latest round of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) reforms at a September 3, 2015 military parade. The reforms could result in a leaner, more combat-effective PLA. This could create new...



A War of Words Over the South China Sea

Edward Friedman, Feng Zhang & more
Beginning earlier this year, four-star Admiral Harry Harris, the U.S. Navy’s top commander in the Pacific, has spoken out in speeches, interviews, private meetings, and testimony to Congress urging that the U.S. take more aggressive action against...