Joseph Bosco served as China Country Desk Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (2005-2006) and Director of Asia-Pacific Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Affairs (2008-2010).

He is presently a Fellow at the Institute for Corea-America Studies (ICAS) and the Institute for Taiwan-America Studies (ITAS). He was formerly a nonresident Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a nonresident Senior Fellow in the Asia-Pacific program at the Atlantic Council and part of its international observer delegation during Taiwan’s historic 2000 presidential election (where political power was first transferred peacefully in a Chinese/Taiwanese system).

Previously, Bosco taught a graduate seminar on United States-China-Taiwan relations in the Asian Studies Program at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

He earned his A.B. cum laude at Harvard College and his L.L.B. at Harvard Law School, where his third-year paper on U.S. policy in Vietnam was selected as an honors paper. He obtained his L.L.M. in International and National Security Law at Georgetown Law Center, where his honors paper focused on the international law implications of the 1995-1996 missile crises across the Taiwan Strait.

He has made presentations on East Asia security issues at several Washington think tanks and at universities across the country. He has been interviewed on CNN, Radio Free Asia, and Voice of America, and has testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. His articles, book reviews, and letters have been published in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, St. John’s Review, Chinese Yearbook of International Law, Weekly Standard, Politico, Real Clear World, National Interest, The Diplomat, Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs, Asia Review, Harvard Magazine, Harvard Law School National Security Journal, and The Hill.

Last Updated: April 26, 2018