Kimon de Greef

Kimon de Greef is a freelance journalist from Cape Town, South Africa. Among other issues, he writes about environmental crime, informal trade, immigration, and conflict over natural resources.

De Greef has published features with Al Jazeera, Roads & Kingdoms, Vice, GOOD, Hakai, The Mail & Guardian, and GroundUp News. He also has worked as a criminological consultant, investigating wildlife trafficking and drug markets.

He holds a Master's in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town and is currently writing a book on illicit trade.

Last Updated: October 23, 2017

China’s Appetite for Abalone Spurs Organized Crime in South Africa

Eric Olander, Cobus van Staden & more
Cape Town-based journalist Kimon de Greef joins Eric and Cobus to discuss the lucrative illegal abalone trade between South Africa and China that threatens the survival of this prized shellfish. The abalone trade, according to recent reporting by de...