Marc Blecher graduated from Cornell University and received his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He is a Professor of Politics and East Asian Studies at Oberlin College. He has also served as a Visiting Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago and a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies of the University of Sussex (UK). He is the author of four books, and the editor of one more, on Chinese politics, society, and political economy—including Tethered Deer: Government and Economy in a Chinese County (Co-authored with Vivienne Shue, Stanford University Press, 1996); Micropolitics in Contemporary China: A Technical Unit During and After the Cultural Revolution (Co-authored with Gordon White, M E Sharpe, 1980); and China Against the Tides (Continuum, 2003), which has been translated into Chinese and Korean. He has also published several dozen articles on local politics and political economy in rural and urban China. His research focuses on workers politics in China.

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Equal in Inequality?

Marc Blecher
For the past several months, readers around the world have been buying, discussing, and even occasionally reading Capital in the Twenty-First Century, French economist Thomas Piketty’s magisterial analysis of the relationship between capitalist...