Margaret Ng is a barrister in private practice, having been called to the Bar in Hong Kong in 1988. She received her law degree from the University of Cambridge and PCLL from the University of Hong Kong. She holds a doctorate in philosophy from Boston University, and she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in philosophy from the University of Hong Kong. Ng was formerly a Member of the Legislative Council of the HKSAR, representing the Legal Functional Constituency. First elected in 1995, she stepped down in 2012 after serving the public for 17 years as a legislator. She has a long list of past service in public committees including the Central Policy Unit (1989-90) and the Operation Review Committee of the ICAC (1999-2004). She is also a noted commentator and writer in both English and Chinese. Ng was appointed Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Ming Pao Daily News from 1986-1987 and its Publisher from 1988-1990. She is the author of more than 12 Chinese titles and continues to contribute to the media regularly.

Last Updated: April 25, 2021



‘I Stand the Law’s Good Servant, but the People’s First’

Margaret Ng
Former legislator and prominent lawyer Margaret Ng was given a suspended sentence of 12 months. In her sentencing statement, which she read out in open court, Ng recounted her career in law and politics, interweaving her own story with the decades-...



Frank Talk About Hong Kong’s Future from Margaret Ng

Margaret Ng, Ira Belkin & more
Following is the transcript of a recent ChinaFile Breakfast with Margaret Ng, the former Hong Kong legislator in discussion with Ira Belkin of New York University Law School and Orville Schell, ChinaFile Publisher and Arthur Ross Director of the...