Noy Thrupkaew is an independent journalist who has researched human trafficking and labor exploitation since 2006. As an Open Society Fellow, she investigated the largest human trafficking cases in the United States, and explored ways to develop greater accountability in law-enforcement initiatives against forced prostitution. A contributing editor for The American Prospect and recipient of International Reporting Project, Investigative Fund, and Fulbright grants, Thrupkaew has reported from Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iran, Morocco, and Cuba for outlets including The New York Times, The Guardian, National Geographic, The Nation, Radio Netherlands, and Marie Claire. In 2015, she taught a seminar on transnational investigative journalism at Princeton University and gave a TED talk on human trafficking.

Last Updated: June 27, 2016



The Rockets’ Red Glare

Kathleen McLaughlin & Noy Thrupkaew from Slate
The vast majority of the world’s fireworks come from China. And sometimes they explode early, with deadly consequences.