Paul Irwin Crookes is Senior Lecturer in the International Relations of China and Director of Graduate Studies for the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies at the University of Oxford. He received his M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees from the Centre of International Studies at the University of Cambridge and a B.Sc. (Economics) from the London School of Economics. Irwin Crookes embarked on an academic career after working for 20 years in the international IT industry, which took him on work assignments to the United States, continental Europe, India, and China. During his time in the commercial world, he provided technology consultancy services to many different kinds of organizations, including high-tech start-ups, multinational corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies.

Irwin Crookes has particular research interests in Europe’s economic and political relations with China, Asia-Pacific balance of power, China’s innovation capabilities, and the development of international regimes as part of the evolution of global governance. His most recent book is The Politics of EU-China Economic Relations: An Uneasy Partnership (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016) co-authored with John Farnell. He has also published work in journals such as China Information, International Politics, The RUSI Journal, and European Foreign Affairs Review, as well as written articles on China’s international relations for online discussion forums such as China Policy Institute and Europe’s World.

Last Updated: January 31, 2018



The U.K. Needs to Rethink Its Engagement with China

Paul Irwin Crookes & Kyle Jaros
As British Prime Minister Theresa May arrives in Beijing today, where is the U.K.’s relationship with China heading? Despite a complex history, U.K.-China relations have remained a relative bright spot in China’s engagement with the West in recent...