Piin-Fen Kok is director of the China, East Asia, and United States program at the EastWest Institute (EWI). Based in New York, she is responsible for developing and managing EWI’s activities, focusing on building strategic trust between the United States, China, and key East Asian players. Kok has more than a decade’s experience in public policy analysis and government relations concerning China and Asia. She has written and commented on political, economic, security, and military aspects of the U.S.-China relationship, developments in the Asia-Pacific region, cybersecurity, and climate change. Prior to joining EWI, she had worked closely with governments and brand owners to develop and advocate trade-related intellectual property policies in China and across the Asia-Pacific region. Before that, she was a political journalist in Singapore covering national politics and foreign affairs in the wake of the Asian financial crisis. Kok has a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. She is fluent in English and Chinese.

Last Updated: April 6, 2021



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