Plamen Tonchev is Head of the Asia Unit at the Athens-based Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER) and a founding member of the European think-tank Network on China (ETNC). His latest publications include the IIER report on “Chinese Investment in Greece and the Big Picture of Sino-Greek Relations” (co-authored, 2017), “China’s Image in Greece, 2008-2018” (co-authored, 2018), the paper “Along the Road: Sri Lanka’s Tale of Two Ports” (European Union Institute for Security Studies, 2018), “Chinese Investment in Greek and Sri Lankan Sea Ports: Analogies and Lessons Learned” (LKI, 2019), and “China’s Soft Power in Southeast Europe” (FES, 2020). Plamen contributes frequently to The Diplomat.

Last Updated: April 1, 2020



What Does the Coronavirus Mean for EU-China Relations?

Plamen Tonchev, Theresa Fallon & more
2020 promised to be an especially consequential year for the EU-China relationship, but three highly anticipated summits have been thrown into uncertainty, and diplomacy between Europe and China is now completely consumed by the coronavirus crisis.



Can China Replace the U.S. in Europe?

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The G7 debacle reminded Europeans the problems with relying on a fraying transatlantic partnership. Meanwhile, China has been playing a larger role on the continent, increasing its investment and its political influence. On July 6-7, Bulgaria held...