Rayhan Asat is a human rights lawyer of Uyghur heritage. She specializes in international law, international criminal law, and atrocity crimes. For her human rights work advocating for the rights and dignity of her people, Vox News, in its inaugural Future Perfect 50, recognized her as one of 50 visionary agents of change in November 2022.

Asat is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and Harvard Law School and has a Master’s in Public Policy from Oxford University. She has advised governments and parliaments worldwide on addressing atrocity crimes and human rights violations. Her opinions have been featured in many media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, The Hill, The New Statesman, NBC, and others. She has been a featured speaker at many international forums and testified before congressional and parliamentary hearings.

Last Updated: December 11, 2023



No One Is Talking About the Plight of Uyghurs with Disabilities in Detention. The World Owes Them More.

Rayhan Asat
In 2016, Chinese authorities began rounding up Uyghur intellectuals. Among those detained was Ababekri Muhtar, the founder of Misranim, a popular social media site used by Uyghurs to debate with and learn from each other. Muhtar relies on a...