As Executive Editor of Newsweek International, Ron Javers was responsible for the editorial oversight of all of Newsweek’s worldwide editions, most of which he created and launched. In 2003, working with a small team in Hong Kong and Beijing, he launched Newsweek China Select. As a reporter and editor, Javers won four National Magazine Awards for magazines he edited, and was nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize for his newspaper work. He became interested in China in 1976 as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard where he took John Kenneth Fairbank’s renowned Rice Paddies course. In 2011, he was appointed Distinguished Visiting Professor at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. He has advised a number of Chinese media companies on worldwide best practices.

Last Updated: April 5, 2021



The Bloomberg Fallout: Where Does Journalism in China Go from Here?

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On Monday, March 24, a thirteen-year veteran of Bloomberg News, Ben Richardson, news editor at large for Asia, resigned. A few days earlier, company Chairman Peter Grauer said that the news and financial information services company founded in 1981...



Will China Shut Out the Foreign Press?

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