Sam Bresnick is a Senior Research Analyst and Assistant Editor at Carnegie China, where he conducts research on U.S.-China relations and Chinese foreign policy. He also plays a role in managing the organization’s research agenda. His articles have been published in Wired, Foreign Policy, The New Republic, and The American Prospect. Before joining Carnegie, Bresnick worked as a journalist in Colombo, Sri Lanka and as a teacher in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He received his A.B. in comparative literature from Brown University and his M.A. in Asian studies from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service

Last Updated: September 6, 2022



New Export Controls on Chinese Semiconductors May Prove Self-Defeating

Sam Bresnick & Nathaniel Sher
New restrictions are not only likely unnecessary, they may ultimately prove self-defeating. Overly zealous controls that limit older semiconductor equipment sales to China will inflict collateral damage on American, and potentially international,...



Reciprocity in U.S. Relations with China Should Be a Tool, Not the Whole Strategy

Lucas Tcheyan & Sam Bresnick
Since the outset of the U.S.-China trade war, critics have castigated the Trump administration for its capricious approach to relations with Beijing. They have found fault in particular with Donald Trump’s flip-flopping on sanctioning ZTE, banning U...