Samson Yuen is a doctoral student at Oxford University and a research assistant at the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC). He researches Chinese politics with a focus on civil society, NGOs, and local governance. With his roots in Hong Kong, Yuen also studies the city’s politics and social movements and is co-editing a book on the Umbrella Movement. His articles have appeared in China Perspectives, The Diplomat, Twenty-First Century, Mingpao, The Stand News, Hong Kong Economic Journal, and Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly. He is an occasional television commentator on Chinese politics. Prior to joining academia, Yuen worked as a management consultant and traveled between Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago and an M.Phil. in Politics (Comparative Government) from Oxford University.

Last Updated: July 2, 2015



The Hong Kong Election: What Message Does it Send Beijing?

David Schlesinger, Melissa Chan & more
On September 4, Hong Kong elected a batch of its youngest and most pro-democratic lawmakers yet. Six new legislators, all under 40, won on platforms that called for Hong Kongers to decide their own fate. The youngest is 23-year-old Nathan Law, a...



The Future of Autonomy in Hong Kong

David Schlesinger, Denise Y. Ho & more
Yesterday, the governing board of Hong Kong University, one of the territory’s most esteemed institutions of higher education, voted to reject the promotion of Johannes Chan, a former law school dean, over the objections of the faculty and students...



Hong Kong’s Umbrella Protests Were More Than Just a Student Movement

Samson Yuen & Edmund Cheng
For almost three months in late 2014, what came to be known as the Umbrella Movement amplified Hong Kong’s bitter struggle for the democracy its people were promised when China assumed control of the territory from Britain in 1997. Originally a...