Sara Segal-Williams is an Associate Editor for ChinaFile and Assistant Director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at Asia Society. She holds a B.A. from Bard College, where she concentrated in Chinese History, and an M.A. in International Relations from Central European University. She has studied Mandarin Chinese at Qingdao University and Yunnan University.

Last Updated: September 16, 2016



Is Europe Prepared to Deal with the China Challenge?

Mikko Huotari, Jan Weidenfeld & more
Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a grand tour of the western end of the “New Silk Road,” in visits to Serbia and Poland this week before he returns to Beijing via Uzbekistan, a more eastern outpost on China’s expanding 21st Century trade route. Xi...



Inequality in China

John Knight
Sara Segal-Williams
World Bank
This paper provides an overview of research on income inequality in China over the period of economic reform. It presents the results of two main sources of evidence on income inequality and, assisted by various decompositions, explains the reasons...



The PEN Report: Creativity and Constraint in Today’s China

Sarah Hoffman and Larry Siems
Sara Segal-Williams
PEN International
The report which follows measures the conditions for freedom of expression through literature, linguistic rights, Internet freedom and legal obligations. This is an approach anchored both in the breadth of history and in today’s realities, one that...



Dangerous Waters: China-Japan Relations on the Rocks

Sara Segal-Williams
International Crisis Group
The world’s second and third largest economies are engaged in a standoff over the sovereignty of five islets and three rocks in the East China Sea, known as the Diaoyu in Chinese and the Senkaku in Japanese. Tensions erupted in September 2012 when...



China 2030: Building a Modern, Harmonious, and Creative Society

Sara Segal-Williams
World Bank
Can China’s growth rate still be among the highest in the world even if it slows from its current pace? And can it maintain this rapid growth with little disruption to the world, the environment, and the fabric of its own society? This report...



Population, Policy, and Politics

Wang Feng, Yong Cai, and Baochang Gu
Sara Segal-Williams
Population Council
One of the main puzzles of modern population and social history is why, among all countries confronting rapid population growth in the second half of the twentieth century, China chose to adopt an extreme measure of birth control known as the one-...



Challenged in China

David Schlesinger, Sophie Beach, Madeline Earp, and Danny O'Brien
Sara Segal-Williams
Committee to Protect Journalists
As Xi Jinping takes office as president of China, the citizenry he governs is more sophisticated and interconnected than any before, largely because of the Internet. A complex digital censorship system—combined with a more traditional approach to...



Students Tear Up Books Before Big Exam

He Jianan & Sara Segal-Williams
The gaokao, China’s annual National Higher Education Entrance Examination, is known for being extremely difficult and a stressful rite of passage for Chinese students. Due to the society’s traditional emphasis on education, many Chinese people still...



The External Impact of China’s Exchange Rate Policy: Evidence from Firm Level Data

Barry Eichengreen and Hui Tong
Sara Segal-Williams
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
The authors examine the impact of renminbi revaluation on foreign firm valuations, considering two surprise announcements of changes in China’s exchange rate policy in 2005 and 2010 and employing data on some 6,000 firms in forty-four economies...



“My Children Have Been Poisoned”: A Public Health Crisis in Four Chinese Provinces

Sara Segal-Williams
Human Rights Watch
Over the past decade, numerous mass lead poisoning incidents have been reported across China. In response, Environmental Protection Ministry officials have become more outspoken, directing local officials to increase supervision of factories and...



The China New Energy Vehicles Program: Challenges and Opportunities

Sara Segal-Williams
World Bank
In June 2010, the World Bank organized a team of international experts in urban transport, electric vehicle technologies, and policy and environment to carry out a survey study of China’s New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Program. The preliminary findings of...



Jasmine in the Middle Kingdom: Autopsy of China’s (Failed) Revolution

Dale Swartz
Sara Segal-Williams
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
China’s version of the Arab world's “Jasmine Revolution” was a complete failure. Online calls for protests against Communist Party rule have elicited little response from would-be protesters. Yet Beijing’s reaction was swift and overwhelming—...