Sascha Matuszak is a journalist based out of Chengdu and Minneapolis. He spent more than a decade in China writing about a wide range of topics including the demise of a Sichuan village, kung fu, and martial artists, tea, spy rings, and geopolitics. He is currently focusing on martial arts as a writer for VICE: Fightland and as a producer for the “New Masters” documentary.

His work has been published in VICE, The Economist, Roads and Kingdoms, and the South China Morning Post.

Last Updated: February 17, 2016



The Bamboo Bicycles of Chengdu

Sascha Matuszak
The shift in how Chinese prefer to get around means salespeople in China have to market bicycles as fashion accessories, rather than as reliable modes of transportation. This is where colorful custom-made fixed gear bicycles come in. Hipsters from...

Sinica Podcast


Chinese Martial Arts

Jeremy Goldkorn, David Moser & more from Sinica Podcast
This week on Sinica, Jeremy Goldkorn and David Moser are pleased to be joined by Sascha Matuszak, a Chengdu-based expert on Chinese martial arts and the producer of a new documentary on Chinese MMA (mixed martial arts), a competitive tournament...