Sun Peidong has been an Associate Professor of History, the Distinguished Associate Professor of Arts & Sciences in China and Asia-Pacific Studies at Cornell University since November 2021. Specializing in post-1949 China, she examines the long-term profound impacts of Mao Zedong’s revolutions and Deng Xiaoping’s opening-up on the Xi Jinping generation. She is the author of Who Will Marry My Daughter? (Shanghai, 2012) and Fashion and Politics: Everyday dress fashions in Guangdong Province, 1966-1976 (Beijing, 2013) (both in Chinese). Her other publications include numerous scholarly articles and book chapters in Chinese, English, and French. Her forthcoming publications include “Red Genes: How the Cultural Revolution Has Shaped the Xi Jinping Generation,” “A Certain Regard for China: Personal Accounts of French Academics Across Generations,” and “Fashion and Politics in China’s Cultural Revolution” (English Version), which will offer insight into the historical and cultural dynamics of modern China.

Last Updated: January 31, 2024



What Will Newly Increased Party Control Mean for China’s Universities?

Sun Peidong, Daniel A. Bell & more
In January, Radio Free Asia reported that the Chinese Communist Party is “taking a direct role in the running of universities across the country” by merging the presidents’ offices with their Party committees. Ideological controls on universities...



Is There a Future for Values-Based Engagement with China?

Neysun A. Mahboubi, Mary Gallagher & more
A key feature of current debates over U.S.-China relations is the proposition that “engagement failed,” in light of the Chinese government’s increasingly aggressive posture towards liberal values at home and on the world stage. Already on the...