Todd R Darling

Todd R. Darling is an American documentary photographer based in Hong Kong, where he began his career photographing the Umbrella Movement for Polaris Images in 2014. He studied Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at the International Center of Photography from 2016 to 2017 and the Eddie Adams Workshop in 2017. Todd recently completed work on a documentary project that began in 2016, about Paterson, New Jersey. The project, inspired by local poets William Carlos Williams and Alan Ginsberg, is a lyrical interrogation of the American dream told through the singular experience of America’s first industrial city and its people. Darling is currently working on a collaborative portrait project in Hong Kong about its people and the city as it grapples with a shifting social, political, and cultural landscape due to its increasing integration with mainland China.

Last Updated: July 24, 2019

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‘I Love HK but Hate It at the Same Time’

Todd R. Darling
A central issue many of the Hong Kong people in my portraits are wrestling with is how to define an identity and being challenged in that pursuit by cultural, social, or political pressures. There is a lot of frustration and anger over the recent...