Wang Feng has worked for the Financial Times as Editor in Chief of since April 2015. Prior to the FT, he was the editor of, the online edition of the South China Morning Post, after moving to Hong Kong from Beijing in 2012. He was the founding editor of, the Chinese language financial news site of Reuters, and Editor in Charge of Reuters Chinese News service. He had also worked as a journalists for various Chinese news organisations including Caijing magazine in Beijing. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley.   

Last Updated: September 13, 2016



Can China’s Best Newspaper Survive?

Isaac Stone Fish, David Schlesinger & more
On September 9, the South China Morning Post’s Chinese-language website went dark with little explanation, leading to concerns that censorship might next spread to the newspaper’s English-language coverage. Can Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, who has...



Trial By TV: What Does a Reporter’s Arrest and Confession Tell Us About Chinese Media?

Wang Feng & Jeremy Goldkorn
The latest ChinaFile Conversation focuses on the case of Chen Yongzhou, the Guangzhou New Express journalist whose series of investigative reports exposed fraud at the Changsha, Hunan-based heavy machinery maker Zoomlion. Chen later was arrested and...