Wei-chin Lee is Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University. His books include Taiwan (1990), Taiwan in Perspective (2000), Sayonara to the Lee Teng-hui Era: Politics in Taiwan, 1988-2000 (2003), Taiwan’s Politics in the 21st Century: Changes and Challenges (2010), and The Mutual Non-Denial Principle, China’s Interests, and Taiwan’s Expansion of International Participation (2014). His articles have appeared in numerous scholarly journals, including American Asian Review, American Journal of Chinese Studies, Asian Affairs, Asian Security, Asian Survey, Asian Thought and Society, Issues and Studies, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Journal of Chinese Political Science, Journal of Contemporary China, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Journal of Economics and International Relations, Journal of Northeast Asian Studies, Nonproliferation Review, Pacific Focus, Pacifica, SAIS Review, Ocean Development and International Law, Taiwan Journal of Democracy, and World Affairs.

Last Updated: November 9, 2015



The China-Taiwan Summit

Richard Bernstein, Andrew J. Nathan & more
This Saturday, for the first time since 1949, the leaders of China and Taiwan will meet face to face. Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou will meet in Singapore, not as Presidents, but—to sidestep one of many lingering areas of conflict since the Chinese...