Yang Zhanqing began to advocate for the rights of people with chronic medical conditions in May 2008. In 2009, he began to campaign for NGOs that advocate for changes in anti-discrimination policy, at Zhengzhou Yirenping (亿人平)(A Billion People for Peace) and at the Beijing Yirenping Center (益仁平). In June 2015, Yang was detained by both the Zhengzhou and Beijing authorities for the illegal publication and distribution of his 2008 pamphlet “A Bulletin Against Discrimination.” After a month, Yang was released and his status was changed to “bail pending criminal investigation.” According to Chinese law, the status and restrictions of “bail pending criminal investigation” can be removed after one year if there is no new criminal activity or violation of bail—a year has passed, but Yang has received no notice of change in his status.

Last Updated: November 21, 2016

China: A Life in Detention

Yang Zhanqing from New York Review of Books
Every year in China, thousands of people suffer what the United Nations calls “arbitrary detention”: confinement in extra-legal facilities—including former government buildings, hotels, or mental hospitals—which are sometimes known as “black jails...