A graduate student at the School of International Affairs at Pennsylvania State University, YiYang Cao is an intern at the Asia Society's Center on U.S.-China Relations. Prior to working at the Center, YiYang worked at the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute at the U.S. Army War College and with the William J. Clinton Foundation. Having emigrated to the U.S. from China when he was young, YiYang is strongly interested in China's socioeconomic development and security issues in East Asia.

Last Updated: May 2, 2014



Happiness with Chinese Characteristics

Yiyang Cao, Sun Yunfan & more
On April 2, 2012, the United Nations released the first World Happiness Report on the occasion of its first General Assembly on “Happiness and Wellbeing: Defining a New Economic Paradigm.” It ranked China the 112th happiest country out of 156. As an...